Pin like a Pro with the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler

Pin like a Pro with the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler! Automating my Pinterest Marketing with Tailwind has helped me grow my blog while giving me time to focus on my business.

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Have you heard about Tailwind yet? It's a Pinterest Scheduling Tool that uses a Smart Scheduler so you can schedule pins in advance. 

I initially signed up for Tailwind thinking I would be able to save time and be more consistent with my pinning if I used a scheduler. I didn't expect to see a 20,000% increase in my reach on Pinterest!!

Check out these results...

Here's a screenshot of my Pinterest Analytics showing my impressions on Pinterest. At the time of this screenshot I hadn't even launched my blog yet. The arrow is pointing to the day I first setup Tailwind.


UPDATE: Three months after launching my blog my Pinterest impressions have continued to grow - past 200K average monthly impressions, and climbing!

Pinterest is putting my content in front of people, and I know that's because of my pinning strategy with Tailwind.

Other than saving tons of time, scheduling pins ensures you're

1. Consistently pinning content everyday without having to actually pin all day everyday. 
2. Pinning at the most optimal times, when your audience is likely to be active on Pinterest.

This helps you start building up your profile's authority on Pinterest. Before I signed up for Tailwind, I was averaging 1K impressions per month on Pinterest. Within three months that shot up to over 200K and continues to climb!

I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I've been using it in my personal life since the early days -- when you needed an invite to join. I love to pin everything from recipes to business inspiration. 

Then…I started a new blog. And then...things got crazy. I setup a business account, created boards in my niche specifically for my target audience, created a group board in my niche,  joined other blogging group boards, and started pinning like mad. 

>>Pinning in the morning, pinning as I got breaks throughout the day, pinning in line at the grocery store, pinning before I went to bed, waking up and pinning again.<<

To be successful on Pinterest you have to consistently pin quality content -- and not just your own blog posts. Here’s the problem with all of this pinning though.

1. Manual pinning didn't allow me to strategically pin at the most optimal times throughout the day. 
2. Trying to consistently pin all day, every day, burnt me out on pinning and made it tough for me to be selective about what I was pinning.

I just didn't have time to keep up with it every day. 

And then I found the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler. Not only has it saved me a ton of time, but my impressions on Pinterest have skyrocketed!

What is the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler?

The Tailwind app is a a robust marketing toolkit for Pinterest. Tailwind has a Pinterest Scheduler, Analytics, and Tribes.

The Smart Scheduler allows you to create a schedule with time slots based on the most optimal times to pin on Pinterest -- when your audience is likely to be active. You can then batch schedule your pins in advance and have a daily presence on Pinterest, without having to pin everyday.  

The in depth Analytics will show you data beyond what you're able to see in Pinterest Analytics!

Tailwind Tribes are sort of like group boards built into Tailwind. You discover other people's content and Pin It. Other people discover your content and Pin It. You can read my post on Tailwind Tribes for Bloggers here.

Here are some of my favorite features of the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler:

Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for Content Marketing

Why is this a big deal? Because Pinterest writes on their Pinterest Marketing Developer page "Each partner is highly vetted for both technical expertise and Pinterest expertise." There are several schedulers out there. I personally just don't feel comfortable pinning with one that doesn't have Pinterest's seal of approval. 

Tailwind has a Smart Scheduler

Tailwind's smart scheduler recommends the best times for me to pin throughout the day. When you setup your Tailwind account you can simply click "Generate New Smart Schedule", choose the number of times you want to pin per day, and Tailwind will create a custom smart schedule with the most optimal time slots.

You can change this at anytime. I started out pinning 70 times per day when I was growing my brand new business account. As my account grew I was able to scale back to 30.

Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler Queue

Once you've setup your pinning schedule, you can add pins to your queue whenever it's convenient for you. They'll be pinned during these time slots. This is great because I can bulk schedule once or twice a week and know that I have a daily presence on Pinterest. 

This helps me accomplish my Pinterest goals and grow my blog traffic while still having a life and time to focus on the rest of my business. :)


Since setting up my Tailwind account this is how my life has changed:

My life before Tailwind: Unorganized pinning all day every day, or getting a free hour and blasting out 3 days worth of pinning all at once, at like 1pm on a Sunday. Is that even an optimal time to Pin? No idea. Tailwind knows though:)

My life after Tailwind: Pinning twice a week for 1 hour. Pins get pinned at optimal times throughout the day and week. My Pinterest reach and engagement grow. I work on the areas of my business that need my focus, and I have a life again. Oh, and I actually enjoy pinning again! Not to mention, the incredible growth I've seen on Pinterest!

Want to try the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler? You can get a free trial here

You can schedule pins from Your computer or Your phone:

Browser Extension: With the browser extension I can surf the web and when I find something I want to pin, I just click the Tailwind icon and add it to my scheduler. Boom! But wait, there's more! I can go directly to my Pinterest home feed, click the Tailwind icon, and schedule multiple pins at once, right from my Pinterest feed! Winning!


Mobile App: I have an iPhone and downloaded the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler Mobile App. Now if I come across something I want to pin, I can schedule it to my Tailwind queue right from my phone!


You can pin to multiple boards at once and organize boards into lists:

 I often find pins that fit into multiple boards. Since I have different followers on different boards, I want to make sure I pin that pin to all relevant boards. 


When I schedule a pin, Tailwind has the option to add multiple boards. You can also organize boards by grouping them into lists. When you schedule a single pin to a list of boards, you can also use Interval Scheduling to stagger the time slots for that pin so you're not pinning duplicate pins all at once.

You can shuffle Your pins:

When pinning the same pin to multiple boards, I'd prefer that identical pin not show up one right after the other. It could spam someone's Home Feed. Once I schedule pins I can go to my queue and click "Shuffle". This shuffles the pins so the duplicates aren't one right after the other.

Tailwind audits repins for duplicates and missing/broken source links:

Duplicate Repins: When I'm scheduling repins from my Pinterest Home Feed, Tailwind alerts me if I've already pinned that pin to the board I've selected. It also shows me when I pinned it to that board so I can decide if I want to pin it again.


Missing/Broken Source Links: A key to being successful on Pinterest is pinning quality content. If I try to schedule a pin that doesn't have a source URL or has a broken source URL Tailwind alerts me so I can correct it, or choose not to schedule that pin.

So there ya have it. Tailwind, my friends. I'm so excited about how much time I'm saving and how much my impressions and engagement are growing on Pinterest, I could burst into song. I think I will.

Cue the music... 🎶...These are a few of my favorite things. Pinning and scheduling and blogging and posting. Tailwind and Pinterest and time to do other things. Growing blog traffic and making pin graphics. These are a few of my favorite things.🎶

Did you sing that out loud when you read it? It's okay. This is exciting stuff. Seriously though, bottom line is this. Since switching from solely manual pinning to Tailwind's Pinterest Sheduler, my reach and engagement on Pinterest has continued to grow and I've had more time to focus on the rest of my business and life!

You can get Unlimited Pinterest Scheduling with Tailwind for about 9.99/month. They also offer a free trial. Learn More.

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