How To Find Blog Post Ideas and Keywords on Pinterest

 How to find Blog Post Ideas on Pinterest. The techniques I use to: Discover blog post ideas, Create content my audience actually wants, Find keywords for my blog posts to help with SEO on Pinterest.

As a blogger I’m always looking for new blog post ideas. Pinterest is an incredible source of inspiration. Not only is it an awesome discovery tool, but Pinterest also shows me what my target audience is searching for and pinning. This helps me: 

  1. Discover blog post ideas
  2. Create content my audience actually wants
  3. Find keywords for my blog posts to help with SEO on Pinterest

Let me show you what I mean. My target audience are bloggers/aspiring bloggers and infopreneurs running/starting online businesses. I go to Pinterest and start broad. I type the word “blog” in the search field.

Pinterest Search Suggestions

The first place I look for blog post ideas is in the search suggestions box. This is actually where I found the inspiration for this post. Pinterest is showing me that my target audience is searching for blog post ideas, the 2nd keyword on the list.

For more ideas, I just hit enter and start by searching for “blog”. Pinterest populates that top bar with words and phrases that people are searching for related to blog. I see one of the most popular searches is "for beginners". This means there are a lot of new bloggers looking to learn about blogging. 

If there are more suggested keywords, you can click the right arrow to scroll through more topics.

I’m going to dig deeper and click on “for beginners”. I was able to find "design" in this list. I could write a blog post on blog design for beginners

💡PRO TIP: The other great thing about using this approach to find blog post ideas is you're learning what keywords your audience is searching for. Use the keyword in your blog post, your image titles, your pin description, and your board description to boost your Pinterest SEO rankings. This means when people search for that keyword, your blog post has a higher chance of being at the top of the search results.

Pinterest Boards

The next place on Pinterest to explore blog post topics is Pinterest Boards. When I searched for "blogging for beginners", the first and most popular Pin I see is this one: “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Blog”. It says it’s been pinned 12.9k times - whoa!

I click on the Pin to see what boards it’s been pinned to. Click on the “…” box to see more boards this pin has been saved to. 

This is helpful because I can see this pin is saved to boards about blogging, writing, starting a blog, online business, digital marketing, social media, and making money online. This gives me insight to some of the topics my target audience is interested in and pinning about. 

You can even take this one step further and click on some of the boards to see what pins are on the board. I was able to find pins on blog planning, blogging habits, SEO for bloggers, growing your email list, work flow ideas for bloggers, and tips on using Squarespace.

Pinterest Analytics

If you have a Pinterest Business Account you'll have access to Pinterest Analytics. It's free to setup or convert your existing Pinterest Account to a Business Account. 

I go into my Pinterest Analytics and look at which pins are getting the most saves and clicks. You're able to see this information based off of all of the pins you save - not just the pins from your own blog. This tells me what's resonating with my audience.

All of this digging is helping me get to know my target audience and what they’re interested in learning and reading about. This gives me ideas that I can use to create content, sharing my unique perspective and point of view.

Give these techniques a try with your niche! Were you able to find some new blog post ideas?

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